When someone praises you, what do you do?

This week has been a week of praises for me.  I hear Jupiter just transited into the sign of Libra, the 11th transit house in my chart, a place (as per astrology) where Jupiter, the Guru (Jupiter is referred as Guru in Sanskrit), gives one in abundance. Maybe I can attribute all the praises to the Guru.  “Guru is going to be in my 11th house for a year, so what would that entail?”, a mischievous thought crossed my mind.

“How should one respond to praise”?, I wondered. I have heard Gurudev (Sri Sri Ravishankar) say “If you want  a fool to work, just keep praising him/her”. Are they practicing this ‘sutra’ on me?  I really don’t know and it would be quite foolish to go on the wild goose chase to find out!  “Should I be replying to each of them individually?  If I don’t reply, would that be arrogant?  And if I reply, what should I say?” Perhaps it was the shyness and discomfort in me that was talking aloud.

“Why does one praise?”, I pondered. Is it because one sees something extraordinary in the other? The experience of something extraordinary can bring one’s mind to a state of elevation, meditation, a state of joy and abundance; and that feeling is devoid of any jealousy or ego. When mind reaches such a state, perhaps praise just flows; flows like water melting from snow-clad mountains and splashes towards the one who may not be comfortable taking a dip in that cold refreshing water getting energized.

“Who is enjoying this more?  The giver or the receiver?”,  I debated further.

If the receiver could only realize that when someone praises a painting, they are really praising the painter, he/she would be at ease feeling blessed.  What choice did the receiver have but to appear extraordinary in the eyes of the giver?

It is all a Divine play – presenting an opportunity to take both the giver and receiver to a state of bliss.

It would be so nice if I could genuinely praise or be extraordinary to someone all the time.  Either way, ecstasy and joy is guaranteed, if I see the happening from a wider context. “Is that enlightenment?”, I wondered! May be or maybe not; does it really matter?

What is easier – to be able to impress someone or genuinely praise someone?  People spend lifetimes trying to be somebody, only to reel in competition, one-upmanship and ego. It may work to some degree in the short run but soon leads to misery and stress.  Is impressing someone in my control?  The more I try, often far I am from it.  If it is really a Divine play, why can’t I just be my best self and let the Divine play out the rest! 

And when can I authentically praise all the time?  Only if I can find everything around me extraordinary.  And when will that happen?  Perhaps I have gotten so used to the routine that I am missing something very profound that this creation is filled with?

Perhaps, I just need a new pair of eyes. 

I realized that my eyesight was getting worse year by year since I turned 40.  It was a reminder – time to get my eyes checked and find an appropriate pair of glasses. Hopefully that does the trick.

Wish me luck and let me know if I should pick one up for you too!

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  1. Mumukshu says:

    Once again a beautiful share! I think praising is a spontaneous act, just an expression or acknowledgement of the quality within oneself. And yes it does bring a sense of Joy and a state of elevation. Probably the reason why in Hindu tradition there are ‘Shahastranamas” for Gods /Goddesses by chanting which once experiences bliss. You reminded me to break away from mundane and recognize the everyday extraordinary. Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts. Keep them coming 🙂


  2. Rajesh Patel says:

    Good Luck, Wish you a new eyesight, new vision, and new perspective!!


  3. Prashant says:

    Enlightenment explained in a very simpler way. Its so hard to praise some one in today’s world and your words about praising and getting praised make much sense. I feel like i have only 2 options,Be always in a Natural state where Either get praised or praise some one. Happy Praising


  4. Neelima says:

    Hope, you continue to get praised when all is well with your chart and otherwise. For some of us (lesser mortals), neither praising nor getting praised comes easy. We have to overcome our ego to be able to praise someone and be able to trust (to enjoy) when we are at the receiving end. When we are finally able to do that, both give equal gratification but acknowledging some ones quality gives some sort of liberation, longer gratification and peace. Also, believe, just like beauty, extra ordinary lies in the beholder’s eye.

    Please keep sharing.


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