When someone praises you, what do you do?

This week has been a week of praises for me.  I hear Jupiter just transited into the sign of Libra, the 11th transit house in my chart, a place (as per astrology) where Jupiter, the Guru (Jupiter is referred as Guru in Sanskrit), gives one in abundance. Maybe I can attribute all the praises to the Guru.  “Guru is going to be in my 11th house for a year, so what would that entail?”, a mischievous thought crossed my mind.

“How should one respond to praise”?, I wondered. I have heard Gurudev (Sri Sri Ravishankar) say “If you want  a fool to work, just keep praising him/her”. Are they practicing this ‘sutra’ on me?  I really don’t know and it would be quite foolish to go on the wild goose chase to find out!  “Should I be replying to each of them individually?  If I don’t reply, would that be arrogant?  And if I reply, what should I say?” Perhaps it was the shyness and discomfort in me that was talking aloud.

“Why does one praise?”, I pondered. Is it because one sees something extraordinary in the other? The experience of something extraordinary can bring one’s mind to a state of elevation, meditation, a state of joy and abundance; and that feeling is devoid of any jealousy or ego. When mind reaches such a state, perhaps praise just flows; flows like water melting from snow-clad mountains and splashes towards the one who may not be comfortable taking a dip in that cold refreshing water getting energized.

“Who is enjoying this more?  The giver or the receiver?”,  I debated further.

If the receiver could only realize that when someone praises a painting, they are really praising the painter, he/she would be at ease feeling blessed.  What choice did the receiver have but to appear extraordinary in the eyes of the giver?

It is all a Divine play – presenting an opportunity to take both the giver and receiver to a state of bliss.

It would be so nice if I could genuinely praise or be extraordinary to someone all the time.  Either way, ecstasy and joy is guaranteed, if I see the happening from a wider context. “Is that enlightenment?”, I wondered! May be or maybe not; does it really matter?

What is easier – to be able to impress someone or genuinely praise someone?  People spend lifetimes trying to be somebody, only to reel in competition, one-upmanship and ego. It may work to some degree in the short run but soon leads to misery and stress.  Is impressing someone in my control?  The more I try, often far I am from it.  If it is really a Divine play, why can’t I just be my best self and let the Divine play out the rest! 

And when can I authentically praise all the time?  Only if I can find everything around me extraordinary.  And when will that happen?  Perhaps I have gotten so used to the routine that I am missing something very profound that this creation is filled with?

Perhaps, I just need a new pair of eyes. 

I realized that my eyesight was getting worse year by year since I turned 40.  It was a reminder – time to get my eyes checked and find an appropriate pair of glasses. Hopefully that does the trick.

Wish me luck and let me know if I should pick one up for you too!

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  1. Mumukshu says:

    Once again a beautiful share! I think praising is a spontaneous act, just an expression or acknowledgement of the quality within oneself. And yes it does bring a sense of Joy and a state of elevation. Probably the reason why in Hindu tradition there are ‘Shahastranamas” for Gods /Goddesses by chanting which once experiences bliss. You reminded me to break away from mundane and recognize the everyday extraordinary. Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts. Keep them coming 🙂


  2. Rajesh Patel says:

    Good Luck, Wish you a new eyesight, new vision, and new perspective!!


  3. Prashant says:

    Enlightenment explained in a very simpler way. Its so hard to praise some one in today’s world and your words about praising and getting praised make much sense. I feel like i have only 2 options,Be always in a Natural state where Either get praised or praise some one. Happy Praising


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