Maya and Me

Life seems to be caught up in measurements.  Whether it be money, position, fame, love, or day to day life choices, the mind is often measuring, comparing one thing or the other.  These nonstop measurements and comparisons in the mind may make one feel secure and happy at times.  But how long does it take to flip the switch to where one reels in doubts, anxieties, fear or anger?  Isn’t life a struggle between these two states, with chaos, confusion or flashes of clarity in the middle?

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says “Anything that can be measured is Maya” (Maya is a Sanskrit word that literally means illusion).  The whole world can be measured. Is the world Maya then or is one’s perception of the world?  It is the same world but can appear differently to different people.  It may even appear differently to the same person at different times – joyful, painful, boring, challenging, thrilling, depressing or confusing! 

Who is Maya then?

Is she born out of the process of seeing and understanding the Scenery by the Seer?

One thing for sure –  we are truly caught up in it.

“What if I stopped measuring?”, I wondered, as if I really had a choice.  Even if I could, how would I function in the world then?  How would I interact with the world?  And what am I doing right now? Isn’t this just another measurement/analysis in my mind? Can I really part ways with Maya?

Maya and my mind seem totally inseparable.  Married to each other at a very early age, since the time I can remember.  I thought child marriages are banned – well, not this one. And the interesting thing is, I am not even aware of my alliance with Maya, at least not till this moment.  Sometimes she looks so attractive and irresistible and yet at other times she is my worst nightmare.  She is my craving and also my aversion.  I cannot be without her nor can I stand her for too long.  What do I do?  Whatever I scheme against her, nothing really works as she is watching every thought that passes through this mind.  She never gets tired.  She loves me dearly but gets jealous easily if I am happy for too long.  I can’t really handle her jealousy – it’s better to be unhappy than face her wrath.  But she doesn’t like that either.

Isn’t this a bondage worth getting rid of?  But how?  Some people even commit suicide to break up with her, only to realize that her reach is way beyond the physical realm.  She will follow you – whether you are in the body or not.  Such extreme measures get her to play harder.  Oh God! This sounds like the script of a horror movie.

For a moment, I felt like John Nash from the movie ‘The Beautiful Mind’, sitting helplessly wondering what to do with this mind?  He can’t get rid of those imaginary people from his mind.  The more he tries, the more messed up life gets.  As a last resort, he chooses to be indifferent to them.  Not fight with them, nor interact with them. Simply be indifferent.  Will that work with Maya?  She is listening!

Well, let her listen.  Funny thing is, she is not even real – just a figment of my imagination.

Maya, I have to start becoming indifferent to you when you start acting up.  I am sorry but there is just no other way.  As long as I am here, let’s enjoy every bit of life together but when you start throwing tantrums – I am going to simply ignore.  No fights, no arguments – only fun when you are game for it.

Will this work?  Will I succeed?  Well, John Nash did.  I think it is worth a try.

Here I go off to my new adventure!

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  1. Rajneesh Gupta says:

    “Funny thing is, she is not even real – just a figment of my imagination” … so maya itself is a maya 🙂
    I think maya is in the mind. Each of us craft our own ‘maya-pur’ in our mind. Some meditate and create a beautiful maya-pur, others create a sorrowful maya-pur.


  2. Mumukshu says:

    A very fascinating and deep topic and as always you have woven it all together in a very simple yet beautiful manner !
    Like you said my Mind and Maya are constantly bound in a union that i so desperately want to break free from…
    I wonder if being indifferent to Maya would really help for she seems to be the very fabric in which this whole world is woven from.
    Yoga Vashista says that one can escape from this firm grip of Maya through Self effort and living in the Present moment
    Easier said than done but i think there is still hope for its said that a Master’s Compassion and Grace can bring freedom from this vicious circle and bestow the highest…


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